Sunday Stills Challenge: Bad Weather

This week the prompt for Ed’ s challenge is any kind of bad weather. The worse, the better! Although I believe there is no such thing as bad weather ( only inappropriate clothing ), I decided to make it all about storm…getting closer and closer…





Sunday Stills Challenge: Bad Weather

Travel Theme: Beaches

Time to discover beaches all around the world is as different as the beaches themselves and their explorers.

This is my long road in dunes.


It can be January, for example – when a year has just started and it looks very promising at the Cabo da Roca (Portugal)- a cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe…


…while in Porto (Portugal) beach doesn’ t look that inviting at all.


When April is in full power, the wind plays with sails in Marseille (France).


If the weather has been delighful enough in May, one can let her toes touch the water of the Baltic Sea (Latvia).


And then summer, of course, when the season has just started. Also in Varna (Bulgaria).


Hmm, this one looks too crowded…


…but with a little bit of luck and patience – it’ s all there! The sun and the sea. Who cares about stones?!


When the season is over, October waves whisper stories to the empty beach in Burgas (Bulgaria) and birds in the sky. They know what you did last summer… Do you?!

Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

I wonder when do we write…what are those moments, those very exact ones when we just sit down and write. Scribble a line or two, create a poem or give birth to a story. When we do need to find a couple of minutes to write and they just seem to appear. Out of nowhere. Or they don’ t and we find a moment anyway. Why then, why not in a different moment? Would the result be different if it had happened earlier or later?

Do we write when we are bursting of joy and there’ s that almost burning necessity to put it in words? Or when the sadness is so deep we might drown in it if not for writing? When there’ s happiness knocking on the door and fortunately we have been there to open? Or on contrary – affliction so heavy it can’ t be taken anymore? When there’ s a problem to be solved sticked to us like a shadow and we need to write…for the solution to find a clean path in our mind? To have a moment of personal freedom? Or to have a personal moment? When the inspiration comes? And what if it doesn’ t? When we simply feel good, life is bubbling around and our loved ones are all well? And the positivity just needs to be spread? When? In all of those moments? In none of them? What happens if we miss the right moment and is there the right one? Will there be the next one? After how long? “Why” usually matters more and there’ s hardly any curiousity about “when” therefore I keep wondering… Do you? Ever?

Life is all about timing…the unreachable becomes reachable,
the unavailable becomes available,
the unattainable – attainable. /S.Charter/

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