Travel Theme: Beaches

Time to discover beaches all around the world is as different as the beaches themselves and their explorers.

This is my long road in dunes.


It can be January, for example – when a year has just started and it looks very promising at the Cabo da Roca (Portugal)- a cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe…


…while in Porto (Portugal) beach doesn’ t look that inviting at all.


When April is in full power, the wind plays with sails in Marseille (France).


If the weather has been delighful enough in May, one can let her toes touch the water of the Baltic Sea (Latvia).


And then summer, of course, when the season has just started. Also in Varna (Bulgaria).


Hmm, this one looks too crowded…


…but with a little bit of luck and patience – it’ s all there! The sun and the sea. Who cares about stones?!


When the season is over, October waves whisper stories to the empty beach in Burgas (Bulgaria) and birds in the sky. They know what you did last summer… Do you?!

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