Carpe Diem Haiku *Little New Year (Koshōgatsu)*

The festival of Little New Year (Koshōgatsu) is celebrated on the first full moon of the New Year, and traditionally these dates would occur some time between the end of January till the middle of February. However, when the government adopted the Gregorian calendar, Shōgatsu (Great New Year) became associated with the first day of January, and Koshōgatsu fell on the 15th of January. The main events of Koshōgatsu are rituals and prayers for the good harvest, and preparation of the traditional meal – rice porridge with azuki red beans. The Little New Year is called also Onnashōgatsu (New Year of Woman) thus the red color of the porridge symbolizes femininity, fertility and a healthy life.

* * *
Little New Year
sharing my bowl of red porridge
with the full moon

* * *

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