Carpe Diem Haiku *Dawn*


“At The Dawn” – song by E.Grishkovets&Brainstorm:

No, no, I already know…I know that my youth is over. Right now all I can do is remember. But I remember that back in my youth I did not feel happy. I felt quite the opposite – that it was complicated, nobody understood me, didn’ t hear me…but now I know: back there and then it was happiness. Though in those days I knew nothing. And waited for something! And I had the feeling somebody was calling me…

At the dawn voices are calling me…

And what was I waiting for? I waited for an amazing destiny, unique life. I wanted to feel everything, to try everything – so much and as soon as possible. I could walk down the street with my reflections in the windows and hope strongly that somebody will fall in love with me and is waiting out there…for me. I could also stay awake till the morning thinking and feeling that very soon, already this morning, so soon … soon …

At the dawn voices are calling me…

And there, in my youth, when I looked at the morning mist over the river as I was returning home in an early hour through the sleeping city, it always seemed to me, or more like, I was sure that they were calling me … particularly me…

At the dawn voices are calling me…

Youth is gone… But life goes on. It gives us moments of happiness, and tries to break us now and then… The multi-faceted life. And after ten years, we realize that we have been happy, but haven’ t noticed it…yet again. We should simply appreciate it right here and right now, for what it is … Life itself is happiness…

* * *
in mist of awaking city
dreams of my youth

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Singing&Dancing Away…

This is the week of Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Celebration back home and while dipping my toes in the Black Sea in Bulgaria, I do miss that speckled buzz of so many different patterns and tones. Miss being right in the middle of it, going with the flow and feeling that a bit special wave. So, this post came together naturally and – like my blogging friend Gunta said – about memories that are almost a century old… ♪♫♫♪

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Latvians are a small, grumpy nation that lives at the Baltic Sea (the last time I checked it was still in Europe) and once in 5 years quite many of them get together to celebrate singing and dancing. Just to be clear – we do sing and dance more often than that (daily humming and working on the right moves in the shower counts, too), yet in a different way, of course. By “quite many” I mean around 41 000, not an insignificant number for such a small country, wouldn’t you agree? The young and old ones, the well tanned and the pale ones (who definitely will have some more color in the end of the week as well)…from towns, cities and the country-side…all their roads lead to Riga, the capital. That is where in the first week of July they make the Latvian Song and Dance Festival happen. Not to get deep in the historical side of the story, I just want to mention it all started in 1873 and this year we have the 25th Song and the 15th Dance festival. I believe, this very moment while I am happily typing away, the participants have already had their breakfast in school dormitories all across Riga, have been “packed” in buses and brought to the rehearsal places. It is fun and quite wild week – have been there, done that and must admit I feel certain sadness not being a part of the colorful and vital crowd this year. A tiny piece of the puzzle that has been worked on step by step whole year and finally is about to be put together looking in its best. And yes, it is a bit difficult to explain where exactly all the positive vibes come from but they are very present…somewhere among the lyrics of songs and dance steps, air matresses and sleeping bags, bright patterns of costumes and garlands, sleepless nights, the old pine – trees around the estrade and the feeling of sharing something unique. It is in the air…maybe a bit elusive, indefinable but so powerful and alive.

There’re many concerts and different singing&dancing events during the week but on the last day – the 2 most important ones every participant is looking forward to: the big festive parade through the main streets of Riga (usually taking some 4-5 hours no matter what the weather is) and the culmination of the festival – the grand closing concert. You know…standing on the steps of the big estrade and singing my heart out together with thousands of others…it does feel special. Special to be right where I belong – at home. Even if only once in 5 years.

*All the photos are from internet this time, not mine*

“Yovano,Yovanke”(Йовано, Йованке) by Slavi Trifonov&Ku-Ku Bend

My all-time favourite Bulgarian (yes, I know it is popular also in the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and northern Greece) folk-song by my all-time favourite Bulgarian band. I think pretty much the only Bulgarian song I am able to sing along proudly (not because of any patriotic reasons but because have picked up  the lyrics). And really powerful one – tones, lyrics, yet heaviness and sadness is present.

A short “glance” in it in English:

Yovano, Yovanke,(a Slavic female name)
You sit by the Vardar, bleaching your white linen,
Bleaching your white linen, my dear,
Looking at the hills.
Yovano, Yovanke,
I’m waiting for you
To come to my home,
And you don’t come, my dear,
My heart, Yovano.
Yovano, Yovanke,
Your mother won’t let you go,
Come to me, my dear,
My heart, Yovano.