Over My Shoulder…


I have been crowned by WordPress today – turns out exactly a year ago I have started this blog, step by step developing it into what you can see now.


Looking back, I must admit things have been quite diverse. It all started slowly…


…without any idea what to do while not being on the best terms with my confidence.


I looked around and was amazed to find such a great variety of wonderful blogs.


I can’ t deny it made me think and re-consider if I am able to (should?) do anything even close to that.


I simply stared at computer screen…


…and then started to write….finally!


Sometimes completely clueless…


…then getting myself into some kind of odd researches here and there…


…until slowly starting to believe I could fly…just like others do.


And, though there still are moments when I want to lay low…


…encouraged by your support and inspired by your creativity, more often I feel like I am on top of the world.


And today the time has come to say THANK YOU!
Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude. /A.A.Milne/

P.S. Let’ s keep rolling towards new horizons! 🙂
– Ese –


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I am thankful for a lot in life..for every possibility to be together with the loved ones…

…for the roof over my head…

…for the way nature takes my breath away…

…for the road ahead that always leads back home…and for so much more.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a virtue. /W.Bennett/

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