Black & White Sunday: Wish


Thinking about this prompt, somehow a song from my childhood came to mind. The last line – to be more precise: “The year is white from both ends but right in the middle it gets green…”. I think that would be my wish for the coming 2015 – to have a colouful year with all the tones and undertones, yet not lose the pure beginning and the end. That bright white moment just after and just before…to appreciate everything there has been as well as is yet about to come.
I hope to keep on wishing, I wish to keep on hoping…

Inspire and be inspired!
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Carpe Diem Haiku *Yanagi chiru (Willow leaves fall)*

Today’ s Carpe Diem prompt brought back in memory another haiku I have read quite some time ago. Not about willow leaves but of the same spirit – a beauty I couldn’t resist including in this post:

how enviable –
turning beautiful then falling
maple leaves
/Kagami Shiko (1665-1731)/

* * *
caressed by the sun
twirling willow leaves in the air
year grows older

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku