29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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  2. Tatsat

    I do not know if someone said this but it is practical wisdom that the lessons learnt the hard way are best remembered πŸ™‚ By imitation, one simply copies an idea- but the context for you might not be the same as theirs. Also, since we can not experience everything that we want to learn, reflection is one fine way of picking things up.

    So, my final vote with be for a fusion of experience followed by reflection. Experiences, do not mean anything if not followed by brooding πŸ™‚ What do you think ?


    1. I think there’ s some truth in it…that learning the hard way stays on mind for a longer time than the other. When I read your comment, just remembered something my friend said recently…about people usually remembering what bad she has done and so quickly forgetting the positive things. I do see some connection in that with the way we learn our lessons in life. But then…I think it also depends very much on the person…and the way, tendency he/she has for things reflecting in life.


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