Carpe Diem Special *Kala Ramesh’s “morning prayers”*

Our inspiration on Carpe Diem Special this week is a haiku, written by a an Indian poetess, musician and artist Kala Ramesh:

* * *
morning prayers
the rising sun between
my hands

* * *

Here’ s my attempt not to wander too far away from the same mood and spirit:

* * *
in the darkest hour
wishing upon the morning star
just like years ago

* * *

PS: “Prayer” by Bi-2
“Quiet…souls on the roof are slowly breathing before the jump…”

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

carpe diem special cherry blossoms

Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars *James A. Emanuel (1921-2013) “jazz-haiku”*

This week the source of inspiration on Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars is an American poet James A. Emanuel and his four haiku, written about Mahalia Jackson:

* * *
« I sing the LORD’S songs »
(psalms once tough to stay alive,
alarm clock on five).

Cinnamon cheeks, Lord,
cornbread smile. SONGS feed your ribs
when you’re hungry, chile.

Washboard certainties,
soldierly grace, text and style
in her brimming face.

Your hand on your heart,
her voice in your ear: pilgrim,
rest easy. Sit here.

* * *

I tried not to wander too far from the same mood and spirit while writing mine:

* * *
smoothly seducing
from the stage in a downtown bar
the sounds of his trumpet

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai