18 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku *Cave*

  1. Tatsat

    I would like to know what exactly is this Carpe Diem Haiku ? I know what Carpe Diem is….

    That apart, what you said makes a lot of sense. An open mind can be infected, but then… only an open mind can change the world for good too ! Much like love- an open heart can fall in love, or it can learn to hate as well. I guess the choice is upon the individual- which way she wants to go, most of the time.


    1. A long story short – Kristjaan Panneman is doing an astonishing job hosting Carpe Diem Daily haiku challenge on his blog: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.nl/ A great place not just to challenge yourself into “knitting together” one or more of your own every day but also to share the love for haiku with other bloggers. And to learn….about haiku…all the way from the past till today.
      What you wrote about an open mind…I remember there was a quote about one’ s mind working properly only when being open – just like an umbrella. Very much depends on the choices we make. As long as we are able to make them allowing our thoughts to flow freely.
      Thank you very much for taking your time to read and to write the comment, Tatsat.


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