Red Girl on the Steppes – Chapter 1

Growing up behind the iron curtain – a serialised story of childhood

If I bumped into you by accident on a busy street, it might well be because still after all of these years I have a habit of looking around me in amazement while I am in my stride. Its not that I love walking, but I got so used to it I can never really stop. –


4 thoughts on “Red Girl on the Steppes – Chapter 1

  1. Very moving. That last sentence about the flowers really hit home, when in the UK we have no shortage of flowers, yet some people don’t appreciate how lucky we are and so they work hard to trash the environment. Most of all, the bad things that happen to our countryside is down to politicians and greedy corporations. The biggest threat is from nicotinamide pesticides that have just been re-allowed by the government, so watch out our bee population!


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