Thursday’s Special: Breaking the Rules


I was thinking about breaking the rules…specifically and in general, and this photo seems to fit the theme. If it was me (instead of the snowman), I would probably consider a couple of things before getting to the action. For example, not cutting the branch you are standing under. Or how safe it is to hold the saw barely with your fingertips. What about staying around after all the snow in the town is gone for good…also against the rules, isn’ t it?!
On the second thought…”If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!” – Katharine Hepburn

Be inspired and inspire!
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Carpe Diem Haiku *Mirror Rice Cakes (Kagamimochi)*

I decided to take a touch personal twist on this prompt. Each year for New Year’ s Eve a friend of mine is baking special cookies – little “pockets”, filled with home-made marmelade and dusted with caster sugar on the top. Next to being delicious they also have a slip of paper within, telling what future holds for the finder. Yes, they sound a lot like the well-known fortune cookies, just look (and taste) completely different. This has become a lovely tradition that adds a lot of laugh to the evening.

* * *
sugar-dusted nose tip
well hidden in New Year’ s cookies
the path of fate

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

winterlandscape new Carpe Diem Logo

Thursday’s Special: Self-Portrait

Paula of Lost in Translation has found a way to make Thursdays more exceptional – with her “Thursday’ s Special” challenge.
This week we are invited to share a portrait photo, and I decided to go with a double self-portrait to finally reveal two of my alter egos here…


Using an alter-ego for emotional protection is like wearing an armour plated chef’ s apron at the front, while being completely naked at the back. /Michael Boag/

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