Travel Theme: Glass

glassThe Bohemian glassworks…a bit of window shopping in Prague, Czech Republic

glass_1Inside out…the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Firenze, Italy


Yes, I have shared this before but couldn’ t resist for this challenge –
Glassy Greed in Rome, Italy

More of fragile&not so fragile glasswork here – Travel theme: Glass

Travel Theme: Mystical

Being both feet on the ground strongly(how could a Taurus not be?!) I have always perceived everything to do with the water element a bit mystical for me. Thus there’ s a connection between the water and Ailsa’ s Travel Theme this week.

The glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway. And against all laws of physics still very mystical to me.

So many men altogether on the frozen lake Ķīšezers in Latvia – a bit of a mystery, isn’ t it? Especially if you can see this view every single day through winter.

The mystical power of the wave on the beach in Porto, Portugal.

Not “photoshoped” shot of the Sozopol peninsula in Bulgaria that holds a certain mystery for me, too.