i need so little
a roof over over my head
a slice of bread on the table
a pinch of salt
and him to share it with
i turn salacious
i stalk the scent of his rugged cheek
i hunt down his dreams
and demand all his touches
be branded as “mine”
i have forgotten
bread, roof and blunt hunger
but salt i never had
before he brought it
in his pocket mixed with some desert sand
yesterday after tomorrow.

Image courtesy of E.Vetlesen

23 thoughts on “(In)satiable

    1. Esenga' s Voice

      Thank you so much, Robyn. Have been setting my mood for today in such a beautiful way reading your posts. Wasn’ t supposed to rhyme 🙂


  1. Nikunj

    I shall feed my sighs
    with the bread crumbs of her time .
    Moment after moment
    Worn on the thread of ecstasy
    Mixed with the heady desert sand
    That knows only wild storms…


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