Travel Theme: Distance

Distance doesn’t exist, in fact, and neither does time. Vibrations from love or music can be felt everywhere, at all times. /Yoko Ono/


The new and the old in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Up in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria


The better half of the Moon?


Strolling down in Marseille, France

Ailsa’ s Travel Theme

15 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Distance

  1. Love these images, Ese…the old and the new in Bulgaria looks interesting, and the place in the mountains. I, too, had a moon shot lined up. Still might post it! 🙂


  2. Tatsat

    You are making me really curious about Bulgaria and Marseille now. But I think you already know that 🙂

    Putting music and love on the same pedastal. Intriguing. I can understand the thing about Music, for the moment. Love, maybe, in time… 🙂


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